Question regarding stagnating progress

"2 years progress, have I dun goofed brah? Gimme some tips, progress is much slower now. Started PHAT this week, just done the upper body power day last evening, and smashed legs tonight for the lower body power day.
Also, been a lot leaner last summer with some abs (12-14% bf), but currently bulking (second pic is from tonight - 180 cm (5'11''), 83-85 kg, 16% bf? ).

wut do?"



As I said, you have certainly not dun goofed brah, it is a clear improvement. However, you make your biggest gains in the beginning; also it is harder to make gains the longer you have been at it. With this said, you can still have periods of really good development after your first period. I can take myself as an example here. 1.5 years into my transformation I came out from a devastating cut, leaving me fragile and weak (ok, not really but anyway), the period leading up to this had been lacking in some areas, so then I decided to up my game a bit. No alcohol, eat lots of good things (meaning that I no longer could cut on foods that didn't do my body any good). In Misc-terms I simply told myself to disregard everything and acquire aesthetics. Thus I could break that plateau. 


So my advice to you is: Just eat clean and train hard bro. No, but seriously, disregard everything in your life that won't aid your gains and make sure that you progress with each session. Find a good schedule and make sure that you know exactly what to do each time you step into the gym. Also, disregard Alon Gabbays words on being spontaneous; my philosophy is to always have a plan. A long term plan. 


Cliffs: Disregard everything (alcohol, "bad foods" etc.), acquire progression. 




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